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Level - 7/8 PENTHOUSE


West Level - 7/8 PENTHOUSE



Situated on the penthouse level of Horizon WEST 712 offers impressive, elevated views across St Helier. This duplex penthouse spans two floors and includes three double bedrooms and three bathrooms, providing ample space for comfortable living.

Hassle-free maintenance living combines the best of both worlds, offering the ability to seamlessly transition to apartment living while enjoying the spaciousness and comfort of a house. This two-floor apartment provides the feel of a traditional home, with the added convenience of having amenities right on your doorstep.

The property comes with the benefit of two side-by-side parking spaces, a valuable feature in this prime location.

Conveyance fees are paid by JDC from a selected panel, ensuring a smooth buying process.

Presenting a world of opportunities, this impressive duplex penthouse apartment is perfect for those seeking luxury waterside living. Discover W712 and elevate your lifestyle today!

Internal dimensions: 1339 Sq Ft / 124 Sqm

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 parking



West Level 7/8 PENTHOUSE



Superior Duplex Apartment

Step into a world of sophistication and luxury with Horizon's unique waterfront living experience.

W711 is one of Horizon's Superior Duplex apartments, situated on the penthouse level of the WEST building. This exceptional two-bedroom, three-bathroom duplex apartment spans two floors, providing a house-like feel within an apartment.

The apartment boasts an opulent design with a fantastic dining area and a breakfast bar, perfect for entertaining and daily living.

Both bedrooms come with en-suite bathrooms, one of which boosts double sinks a shower and a bath, conveniently located on the lower floor is a separate house bathroom.

Horizon offers a living experience that blends convenience, security, and the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.  Announcements coming soon regarding new food and beverage entities,  providing the ability to dine and relax within moments of leaving your home.

Conveyance fees are covered by JDC from a selected panel, making your move even more seamless.

Embrace the ultimate sophistication in waterfront living with Horizon - W711. Your new home awaits!

Superior two bedroom duplex apartment

2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 parking

Level 8 /9 PENTHOUSE


South Level 8 /9 PENTHOUSE



Discover Your Own Sanctuary  -  Show Apartment South 811

A beautifully designed home should be a sanctuary, a space to reflect on life. Discover the new destination address that takes luxury waterside living to the next level.

With the office just a short stroll away and the waterfront on your doorstep, this apartment offers unparalleled convenience and access to the best that waterfront living has to offer.

This contemporary apartment is perfect for downsizing with ease or securing a great family home. Designed with the highest quality interior finishes and furnished by The Loving Chair Company, every detail of this home exudes elegance and sophistication.

Ready to be viewed now, this apartment presents a world of opportunity for prospective buyers.

Conveyance fees are covered by JDC from a selected panel, ensuring a seamless buying process.

Explore this exquisite waterfront penthouse for yourself and experience the ultimate in luxury waterside living. Your new sanctuary awaits.

Superior three bedroom duplex apartment

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 parking

Level 9 / 10


East Level 9 / 10



E911 is a high-calibre duplex apartment within the Horizon development, uniquely positioned on the waterfront. Perched on the penthouse level, higher than any other waterfront apartment, this exceptional three-bedroom duplex boasts views towards the old harbour and Elizabeth Castle optimizing elegance in waterfront living.

Combining hassle-free maintenance with spacious comfort, E911 offers a seamless transition to apartment living while retaining the feel of a traditional home. This two-floor apartment allows residents to enjoy ample space and comfort, enhanced by the convenience of having numerous amenities right on their doorstep.

Move in with ease and embrace all that the waterfront has to offer, book your dedicated viewing today!

Superior three bedroom duplex apartment

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 parking